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- Get Stronger, more powerful, & explosive

- Run Faster

- Jump Higher

- Get to the ball quicker

- Be a step ahead of the competition

1. Assess your movement capabilities and identify key areas of improvement through actual game play observation and/or movement screening.


2.  Develop the interrelated bio-motor abilities that will

make you a better athlete in any sport:




3. Teach the specific movement skills that will set you apart from your competitors!

The Difference Maker in Every Field & Court Sport!

- Learn how to execute the all-important first step!

- Learn how to make faster cuts, stops, and changes of direction!

- Stand out at tryouts & on the field or court!

Your personal training plan will support the goals you have. (We can assist you in goal setting.)


- Weight Reduction & Maintenance

- Improved Cardio Function

- Improved Strength Levels

- More Energy

- Anti-osteoporosis programs

- Boot Camps

- Custom Running programs

- Childhood obesity/fitness programs

Personalized fitness and training for athletes and those looking for a personal training plan that will support your health and fitness goals. Get to Your NEXT LEVEL! Call to schedule a free consultation (732) 566-7258

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